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5 Places to Study at SLU Other Than the Library

Finals week is quickly approaching which means long days and nights of studying at an overcrowded Pius Library. Although I love Pius, sometimes it can be difficult to concentrate there and in general, sometimes you just need to switch up where you study at to help you focus.


  1. Nearby Coffee Shops


Nothing makes me feel more relaxed and comfortable than the smell of fresh coffee being brewed. Although we do have a Starbucks on campus (which is another place to study), I really enjoy heading over to the local coffee shops like Kaldi’s Coffee or Café Ventana to study because of its ambient vibes. It’s not too loud, but not too quiet either and they serve delicious coffee and pastries if you need a little pick-me-up while studying.


2. Morrissey Hall

Morrissey Hall has many nooks and crannies with a table and chair for you to sit and study throughout the building, but my favorite place to study is on the second floor of Morrissey in the lounge area. This lounge space is usually not crowded at all and fairly quiet, especially during after-hours when classes are over.


3. B-School

Cook Hall is probably my favorite building on campus, and is a great place to study whether you are a business student or not. The atrium is perfect if you want to work with others or prefer a study environment that is not dead silent. Also an advantage of studying in the atrium if you’re a business student is that if you have any questions about your studies, you are bound to recognize a classmate studying there as well that could help you out. If you’re looking for a more secluded area to study, the business school also has a few study rooms to satisfy your needs.


4. CGC

Whether you are studying at the tables on the first floor or up in the bleachers, there CGC is very spacious and offers many places to study. It’s a nice open area and the noise level isn’t too bad either.


5. Any Empty Classroom

After the typical school day is over, many of the classrooms in various buildings are completely empty for the rest of the night.  Make use of the spacious rooms and make it a study space for yourself or a group of friends! If you are ever unsure of the availability of the classroom, just check the nifty gadget located outside many classrooms that let you know whether the space is available or reserved.


Good luck with finals, Billikens!

Writer for HerCampus at SLU.
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