5 New (and New-ish) Albums to Get You Through the Start of the Semester

1. Palo Santo by Years and Years

The British sensation Years and Years released their second album, Palo Santo, on July 6th this past summer. With its upbeat synth-pop beats, Palo Santo provides plenty of upbeat bops for you to jam to.

Favorites: “If You’re Over Me,” “Lucky Escape,” and “Sanctify”


2. Be the Cowboy by Mitski

Mitski’s fifth album, released just a little under a month ago, is filled with songs that maintain a chill atmosphere while still being upbeat and fun. Be the Cowboy is filled with fun synth-y beats, well-crafted lyrics, and just in general great music.

Favorites: “Why Didn’t You Stop Me?” and “Two Slow Dancers”


2. Sweetener by Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande’s much-anticipated fourth album, released on August 17th, ushers in a whole new era of Ariana. Sweetener focuses on the theme of finding inner peace, largely in response to the terror attack at Grande’s concert in Manchester in May 2017. With her high-spirited songs, Ariana refuses to bow down to sadness and instead focuses on songs that empower, inspire, and encourage her listeners.

Favorites: “God is a Woman,” “breathin,” and “R.E.M” (Although it should be noted that this entire album is magnificent and worth a listen in its entirety)


3. Bloom by Troye Sivan

Released on August 31st, Troye Sivan’s second album debuts his matured sound and deals with themes of love, growing up, and sexuality. Troye once again has provided us with songs rife with honest emotion to listen to when we’re #emo as well as songs to which we can dance the night away.

Favorites: “The Good Side,” “My My My,” and “Dance To This (feat. Ariana Grande)”


4. Nina Cried Power by Hozier

After dropping the knowledge in a tweet that he would be releasing his newest EP on September 6th, fans of Hozier’s first album and earlier EPs were absolutely ecstatic. The EP is full of Hozier’s skillful and soulful guitar playing, powerful choruses, and deep lyrics. He said in another tweet that the EP is a sneak peak of his upcoming album and if it’s anywhere as good as the four songs of this EP, I cannot wait.

Favorites: Literally every song


Here's a playlist with all of our favorite songs from these albums!