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5 Favorite Movies to Get in the Halloween Spirit

It’s spooky season, brothers and sisters. Gear up for a spook-tastic list of all of your favorite spooky, but not scary, Halloween-esque flicks for you and your local girl gang.

  1. Corpse Bride



I feel like a lot of people are put off by the title of this movie, but it’s honestly one of my top favorite movies of all time. It has such a sweet message, and if you’re a fan of creepy-cute i would highly suggest checking this out if you haven’t already.


2.  Hocus Pocus



Honesty hour: this movie terrified me as a child. I have no idea why, but I think it had something to do with a child being killed by witches. Either way it’s one of my favorite Halloween movies to watch now, and is a staple when it comes to Halloween traditions with my friends.


3. Monster House



This movie terrified me as a child too. I guess I have a habit of being terrified by children’s horror movies, and loving them by the time I’m grown. Anyways, this movie is one of my personal favorites simply based on the level of individuality each character has, and the darker tone the story takes. Would definitely recommend if you’re looking for a bit of scarier animated film!


4. Halloweentown



This. Movie. Is. Amazing. After first seeing this as a child there was nothing I wanted more than to be a witch. I was convinced I could make it happen, if I just wished hard enough. Sadly I never became a witch, but I still have this movie to look forward to every October.


5. Harry Potter (any movie)



Ending the list on a high note we have my favorite film franchise of all time. The Harry Potter series is something that I enjoy watching year-round, but there’s something about watching them in the fall and winter that make them that more magical. I could not recommend this movie enough.

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