4 Podcasts That Will Make Your Walk to Class Better

  1. 1. My Favorite Murder 

    Hosts Karen and Georgia take you through the worst of humanity by sharing stories of murders that may keep you up at night. But by focusing on the victims, they have created a community that believes in the power of “staying sexy and not getting murdered,” that sticks together despite all of the creeps in the world. 

  2. 2. This American Life 

    This American Life tells stories upon stories, connecting them in each episode to tell a bigger narrative that always makes you feel like you learned something new. 

  3. 3. Dr. Death 

    This podcast tells the true story of Dr. Duntsch, a neurosurgeon that was suspected of intentionally injuring his patients, often times with horrible consequences or even deaths. It takes you through how he rose to his position, his reign of terror, and his downfall.

  4. 4. This Podcast Will Kill You 

    From Mad Cow disease, to Influenza, to Tuberculosis and many others, the hosts Erin and Erin share the history, the biology, and current status of terrifying diseases. While being incredibly informative, it also opens your eyes to how these diseases are not necessarily gone, as some of them may be coming back due to misinformed people who are putting others in danger.