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3 Reasons You Don’t Need to Scramble for that Summer Internship

While some view summer as a time to relax from academic obligations, upon entering the college and adult world that all begins to change. As a student, you are now expected to have big plans, make some money, and find a way to further your career path in your downtime. And that’s awesome if you’ve got a great resume-worthy gig and money, but it’s not always for everyone. Here are some reasons why maybe you should slow down and not necessarily freak out that you don’t have the most professional summer plans:


1. “Today is the oldest you’ve ever been, and the youngest you’ll ever be again.”​

Although Eleanor Roosevelt may have said that famous line that makes you ponder your lifetime on Earth, that doesn’t mean you have to take it too seriously. Think about your fun summers as a kid, running through the sprinklers in the yard or biking around your neighborhood with popsicle stains on your legs. You are still young, which means you can still enjoy it. Embrace your inner child and let loose.


2. Most likely, your summer vacations are numbered


Unless you’re going to be a teacher, you most likely only have a few summer vacations left in your lifetime. Why not find a way to enjoy the daytime heat waves without being stuck in an office with such high A/C you’re wearing a sweater in July? Travel, spend time outside, get some fresh air and exercise. Unless you’ve got some badass internship that lets you get outside (planting community gardens!) make sure you have the opportunity to face the heat while you still can.


3. Give your brain a rest


And put your energy elsewhere! Your mind is given three grace months from papers, exams, and daily textbook readings, so why not let it relax for a bit? By doing this, you can save your time and energy on the things you really love to do but can never find the time for during the school year. Paint that stack of easels that has been sitting in your closet all year. Hammock for hours and read all the books you’ve been saving for when you finally have free time. Even though you say you never have time, you truly do. Utilize it.

Writer for Her Campus at Saint Louis University. Dabbles in Criminal Justice & Criminology, Psychology, and Forensic Science. Learns about and fights for those suffering injustices within the criminal justice system and assists in educating juveniles involved within the system.
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