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16 Signs That You’ve Lived In Reinert Hall

1. You own a Reinert shirt

It was one of the many free t-shirts you got during the year, and though Reinert Shirt Thursdays is a thing, you still kept forgetting. Whoops.


2. Your vocabulary consists of “The Nert”, “Reinertians” and “Dirty Nerty”

It’s like an entire other subculture that only people who have also lived in Reinert truly understand.


3. You’re surprised that we have a patio because we never use it.


4. When you get out of the building, you basically have to pack for the day

Because God forbid you forget your chem goggles and/or your pre-lab. It’s at least a five minute full-out sprint from your lab to Reinert and that’s only if all the traffic lights are in your favor.


5. Eating is kind of a hassle especially if you need a change from Reinert On the Go

For plebeians, they don’t understand the trek of walking the slight uphill from Reinert to Grand. And it’s the worse when Grand’s food is not up to par. The trip to Fusz is our Exodus #JustJesuitJokes.


6. You can’t relate when you hear your friends from other buildings talk about “going back to their rooms for a little bit"

What’s that? Your friend who lives in Grand takes a quick nap between classes? The walk to Reinert and back to West Pine is equivalent to the duration of said “quick nap.”


7. You don’t need leg day.

Because everyday is leg day.


8. Mondays at 7:00 PM are exciting because of “COOKIEEEESSS"

It is perhaps the only good thing about Mondays. Thanks, Father May.


9. Someone shat in the public shower in Gries? Ope, can’t relate because we have private bathrooms

That’s right. We get to shit AND shower in peace.


10. The symphony of the interstate and never-ending sirens is your lullaby

Some may use milk as their nightcap before going to sleep, but Reinert’s dosage of a nightcap includes a full water bottle from the ice machine, and the ambulances that rush down Grand every night.


11. You recognize that ‘Starpotle’ is a blessing and a curse

As great as it is to have a Starbucks and Chipotle right across the street, it also sucks because they don’t take your flex and you’re forced to use ~real~ money.


12. You’ve got the intersection stop lights memorized so you feel like a badass when your non-Reinertians friends come over once in a blue moon

Pro-tip: The stop light right before the Reinert entrance turns green when the light nearest to the Shell turns red. Only true Reinertians know this.


13. You have been hit by a car or have been close to being hit

You’ve probably also been heard saying “Pay for my tuition why don’t cha” a few times.


14. You get offended when you hear non-Reinertians talk shit about Reinert even though you do the same exact thing​

That’s because only YOU have the right to shit talk


15. You know you can always come home because our staff is pretty great ;)​


16. Ohana means Family and Family means Reinert

As much as we like to throw shade at our beloved off-campus residence hall (like seriously, we have a different zip code than the BSC), we have to admit, the community is the best part of it all and it makes living in Reinert so worth it.


Janine Urgello is a writer for Her Campus at Saint Louis University. She is studying to be a Physical Therapist and earning a Film Studies minor on the side. She is a self-proclaimed film buff and a dedicated advocate for social justice.
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