11 Makeup Products and Hacks I Swear By

1. LA Girl HD Pro Concealor

This concealer is honestly the best one I’ve ever found. It provides amazing coverage, while also blending evenly into bare skin or foundation. The best part, however, is the price! This concealer is only $5.00! It comes in many different shades and includes color correcting shades.

2. Too Faced Born This Way Foundation

I am in love with this foundation. I only need one pump to cover my whole face, and it provides full coverage…like 16-year-old me with acne all over her face suddenly has the skin of an air-brushed model! And despite being a full coverage foundation, it doesn’t look or feel too heavy. The final look after using this foundation is light, smooth, and just a little dewy. This one’s a little pricey, ringing in at $39.00 per bottle, but I'd say it's definitely worth it!

3. Maybelline Line Stiletto Ultimate Precision Liquid Eyeliner

This eyeliner is literally everything I ever wanted and more. It’s liquid. It’s a dip applicator with a long and thin felt tip brush. I can do a light sweep and get a thin, barely-there eyeliner look, or press down a little harder to achieve a bolder eye look. The brush’s width and angle make achieving the perfect winged eyeliner so much easier. Plus, you can get this eyeliner for only $5.97 at the drugstore!

4. Maybelline Lash Stiletto Ultimate Length Mascara

I had never found a mascara that really wowed me until a few months ago when I accidentally ordered this mascara instead of my beloved eyeliner. I decided to give it a try, and I fell in love. With just one or two sweeps, this mascara made my lashes SO much longer, and it didn’t clump at all. The wand has a bunch of tiny little bristles, so it coated every lash and made my eyelashes look fuller. Extreme length and subtle volume in one bottle…YES, please! This mascara is only $7.74 at the drugstore.

5. Givenchy Mat and Translucent Finish Powder

I live for a good setting powder! If I’m going to spend a decent amount of time doing my makeup, I want it to stay put all day. This powder is amazing for setting! It’s super smooth and easy to apply, and it comes with a powder puff. Plus it’s translucent, so it works for any skin tone. This powder keeps my makeup in place and leaves my skin looking matte all-day long. Although it’s a little pricey at $56.00, I've found that one container lasts about nine months to a year.

6. IT Cosmetics Brush Bath Purifying Brush Cleaner

Let’s face it- makeup brush cleaning can be a lot of work…*cue spotlight on this amazing brush cleansing spray*. It’s easy to use, just spray your brush, rub the makeup off on a paper towel, and let the brush dry for a few minutes. It’s also alcohol-free, so it will keep your brushes and skin as healthy as ever, and rings in at $18.00 per bottle.

7. Face Hack: Moisturize before you prime

Moisturizing before you prime is a must! It’s a bit of a primer in itself and ensures that your face is in top shape before applying any makeup. I’ve found that a light, oil free moisturizer leaves my face smooth and ready for makeup.

8. Face Hack: Color correcting

Be it a tinted primer or colored concealer, color correcting before applying your usual face makeup can make a huge difference in your look! I like to apply green concealer on my red spots (mostly my cheeks and small breakout areas) and pink concealer on the dark circles under my eyes. This simple step makes my skin tone look much more even after applying foundation, and I end up using less foundation and concealer to spot treat. Color correcting products also come in shades of yellow to cover up lighter redness, orange to cover dark circles on darker skin tones, and purple to cover yellow or orange hues.

9. Eyeliner Hack: Pull outer corner of eye

Applying eyeliner can be a real pain in the butt, and it’s often hard to get an even, straight line. I’ve found that pulling the outer corner of my eye while applying liner makes a world of a difference. Because it makes my eyelid lay flat, I can easily sweep on some eyeliner and it will turn out fabulous!

10. Eyelash Hack: Eyelash curler

I used to be terrified of these things, thinking that they would pinch my eyes or pull out all of my lashes. I have since found that an eyelash curler can do absolute wonders for the eyes! You can plump up your lashes before applying mascara or simply curl them and head out on a no makeup day!

11. Eyelash Hack: Empty mascara wand

I love this simple mascara trick! Just take an old mascara wand from an empty bottle and use it to separate your lashes or comb out clumps. You can also wiggle the wand while you brush through your lashes to add some extra volume.