10 Tips to Save Money

  1. You don’t need a Pickleman’s pizza after every night out.

  2. Drinks at the bar are expensive. Make your own at home and you’ll mostly likely have leftovers.

  3. If you can’t budget, at least try and keep a mental idea of how much is coming in and out of your account(s).

  4. Don’t eat outside food if you have a meal plan.

  5. If you live in an apartment, always make a grocery list and stick to the list. When you go in to the store with a purpose, you’ll be less likely to get sidetracked and buy extra things.

  6. Always put money aside, no matter how small.

  7. Don’t save your cards on the websites that you use to shop online. You will be tempted to go back, and it’ll be easier to just hit the “one-click” button.

  8. Use coupons and look at grocery ads to find the places where you can get the best deals on produce, snacks, etcetera. Depending on what’s on your list, you can modify your list based on the sales you find. I personally use the app “Flipp.” It allows you to see all the ads of the stores around you.

  9. If you travel often, try to plan in advance. Plane, train and bus tickets are always cheaper when you book early (duh).

  10. When online shopping, have plugins like “Honey” and “Wikibuy” on your laptop or computer. When you check-out, it’ll scan the world-wide web for promo codes that can help you save some money.