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10 Super Easy Self-Care Habits that Will Save Your Semester

Starting a new semester brings about a load of challenges that you might have not expected. Here are our tips for staying afloat during the school year.


1. Call someone you love at least once a week.  

Just have a familiar voice to check in with, it will pick you up when life and work gets tricky.

2. Catch up on rest

There’s always some super long and brutal nights, so take advantage of nights you can get a full night of sleep, or sneak in a quick 30-minute nap on super sluggish days.


3. Try journaling, even if you are not super regular about it

It doesn’t even have to be good writing, as long as you get your thoughts out and take some time for you.


4. Treat yourself with baked good or fried food.

Obviously don’t exclusively eat baked goods and fried food, but you deserve a sweet or salty treat every once in awhile.  

5. Exercise to energize yourself, not just to diet.

Working out should be about making yourself feel strong and energized, not simply to lose weight or wear yourself out. Strong is the new skinny.

6.  Don’t be afraid to say no.

Although being super involved can be very exciting and looks good on a resume, you have to prioritize your mental health and be able to manage what’s on your plate.


Hydration is key, your skin will thank you, your hair will thank you, your body in total will be much happier if you are drinking water throughout the day.

8. Be intentional with your relationships and your time spent with people

Remember the best kind of friends are people you can be genuinely yourself around and bring you up, not put you down. Make an active effort to spend time with those kind of friends.

9.  Get outside when you can.

Try walking, or running, or lounging in a hammock. Literally just being outside whenever you get the chance will do the trick.

10. Hug someone.

Hugging at least one person a day is sure to boost your positivity.

Brenna Wall is a Communication student at Saint Louis University and Chicago native. Along with being a part of the HC team at SLU, she is involved with a feminist forum on campus, KSLU Radio, the Micah Program, and a homeless outreach and ministry program. She loves coffee, dogs, intersectional feminism, traveling, and the wild outdoors. Follow my Instagram to see more of my adventures @brenna.wall. 
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