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The 10 Relatives You’ll Encounter at Thanksgiving

Don’t you love realizing how weird and problematic your family is as you get older? If any of these relatives sound like your own, just know you are not alone.


1. The uncle who hates social welfare but lives on Grandma’s sofa


2. The grandpa who won’t stop telling you his life story but you have to listen to him because he doesn’t have much time left


3. The boring fiancé of your second cousin who works at Best Buy and can get you a discount


4. The hyper young cousin that’s going to fall down the stairs and then cry the whole night


5. The husband who relaxes in front of the game as your aunt is basting a turkey, pouring glasses of wine, and greeting relatives


6. The moody high schooler who always has at least one headphone in


7. The frat cousin chugging beer and playing kickball with a pumpkin


8. Your very own mother, lying through her teeth about your academic success


9. The aunt that brings the nasty casserole that you try to feed to the dog but even he doesn’t want it


10. The uncle who can’t let go of the Hillary email scandal

Psychology and Art Major at St. Louis University. Loves Goodwill, sunspots, art, makeup tutorials, and crying. 
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