Yes, I Unabashedly Love Nick Jonas

It’s time I confess something that I have held in for so, so long….. I love Nick Jonas. To express my love I wrote a poem to the rhythm of The Night Before Christmas. Enjoy:

“Twas the last night of summer and all through the camp, was running young Ruby a hard core Jo-Bros fan. Every eyelash, 11:11 and good luck charm Ruby noticed, she wished for some concert tix and hug from Nick jonas. But as she walked to her bunk to say a goodbye, a bright shooting star flew right through the sky.  And just at that moment her walk became slow, because this star would take her to Kev, Nick and Joe. After a long summer at camp Ruby didn’t want to be home, ‘til she got in the car with her mom on the phone. At first she was mad but what didn’t she know? Ruby’s mom was planning her night at the show. She got home, changed and put on her juicy couture glasses, and got back in the car to drive to the masses. She met up with friends, and got in a line, and when she finally met Nick, wow was he FINE.”

So basically, when I was 10 I met the Jonas Brothers for the first time and to quote myself it was  “the best five seconds of my life”. After I met them, I immediately took off the shirt and put it in a ziplock because Nick Jonas SWEAT ON IT OF COURSE. When I got home I put it in a frame where it still hangs 10 years later. Major props to my dad for sitting in a crowd of hundreds of screaming girls singing along to “BB Good.”

The fourth time I met Nick was at their “reunion” show at Radio City Music Hall. My friend Anna and I paid an obscene amount of money but we sat in the second row - no, not the second row but the second row of the orchestra pit. We weren’t normal close, we were “Joe hit me in the face with his mic stand” close. I also have a signed Fender acoustic guitar to commemorate the second best day of my life. They opened with When You Look Me in the Eyes and needless to say, I cried all the way through

So why is Nick jonas the ‘dude’ (in all noun, adverb and adjective forms)? Let’s walk through some key moments:

Crazy kind of crush on you

Year 3000

The Nick Jonas show days

Me, Mr Jonas, Mr Jonas, and Mr Jonas


Jonas LA

The Camp Rock Era

‘Healthy’ up Nick Jonas

Scream Queens


In conclusion, JO BROS FOR LIFE! (And the next time Nick Jonas performs/exists in New York, I’ll see you in the front row.)