Why You Need Venmo in Your Life

~Two summers ago~

“Can you get me a bagel with Cream Cheese? I’ll pay you back.” Kate asks.

“Yeah sure...it’s normally like $3.50.” I respond.

“Do you have Venmo?” Kate asks, knowing damn well that I don’t.

“No, I don’t, do you have cash?” I ask, knowing damn well she doesn’t carry cash.

“Dude I don’t carry cash. Ugh I don't understand why you won't just get a Venmo.” She responds.

“And I don't understand why you don't carry around cash.” I clapback.


This was me: everyone always asking me to get them stuff, but never having the cash to pay for it, and all throughout high school, I refused to get Venmo. People at work would always ask me to get them breakfast or lunch but could never pay me back for a couple of weeks. But, my first year of college showed me the beauty that is Venmo. I was sitting in my friend’s room when I finally decided to get one; I can’t remember as to why I got it at that exact moment, but I just felt like I had to finally get Venmo. Venmo is a great way to pay someone when you don’t have cash; it is quick and easy. At Skidmore College, there is an ATM on campus, but it charges you an ATM fee and then Chase--the bank I am associated with--charges me an additional fee. So every time I withdrew cash, I ended up paying way more than I would if I had just had Venmo. And college kids rarely carry money (it is truly a hassle to carry cash tbh) and I got frustrated with spending all this cash using an ATM, so Venmo seemed like a great option!


If you don't have one, get one!


So Kate, yes I do have  Venmo, so please pay me for the bagel...oh, and start carrying cash.