Why It's Not Just Your Sun Sign That's Important

I believe that so many people find it hard to identify with their zodiac sign because they don’t understand the importance of zodiac signs besides their own “sun” sign. Many people don’t know that they have more than one zodiac sign. Our natal charts, maps that show the locations of the planets at the time of our births, are composed of all the planets. Our natal charts also include things like Ascendant, your rising sign, among other signs that change depending on the position of the planets in your natal chart and are said to be indicative of your character. Here’s the breakdown of signs and the parts of your personality that they embody:


Sun: Ego & Sense of self; your external personality 

Moon: Emotion & Feeling; inward personality, how you process feelings and moods

Rising: The sun sign you come off as, what others think of you 

Mars: How you assert yourself and how you behave in ~sexual encounters~

Mercury: Communication; how you listen, read, write, and talk

Venus: Love & Beauty; how you give & receive love, how you act in a relationship 

Jupiter: Generosity & Opportunity; Jupiter is the planet of hope! Best friends often have the same Jupiter sign!

Saturn: Discipline & Commitment; Saturn sends challenges and shows you how to deal with them 

Uranus: Individuality & Change; large groups of people share this sign as it takes 7 years to orbit around the sun (for example: peaceful protesters in the 60’s all shared the same Uranus sign, Aquarius, which harbors radical change and questions authority) 

Neptune: Intuition & Healing; steps away from the ego into your spiritual side 


So, now that you know all this you might ask, how do I find out what my other signs are? It’s simple. All you need to know is your exact birth time (your rising is prone to change depending on the minute you were born) and where you were born and enter this info into a natal chart calculator. I use Café Astrology’s calculator because it gives a complete breakdown of what each sign means for you personally. 


I for one always thought that I was too shy to be a Gemini. I thought that Geminis are supposed to be loud and extroverted! However, after I calculated my natal chart, I saw that my Mars & Mercury are in Cancer. Because both my Mars and Mercury signs are in Caner, I have a lot of Cancer-like qualities. For example, I’m shy at first, I’m not very assertive, and I tend to get overly emotional about little hiccups which is, like, soCancer. 


So. I highly recommend that all of you calculate your natal charts! Perhaps astrology will make some more sense to you once you do, it definitely did for me. In fact, it was a little ~spooky~ how accurate my chart was!