What Your Choker Says About You

Lacey Black Choker:

You have been wearing chokers since 1997 and have never stopped. You’re bold enough to rock the thicker necklace because you’re a freakin pro by now. You have to find some way to stick out and assert your choker dominance, so the black lace shows you’re too legit to quit.

OG Black Plastic Choker:

Why mess with a good thing? The black plastic choker you dug out of your childhood memory box still fits (who knows what makes them stretch, honestly… Rubber? Nylon?? I don’t even know). You honestly didn’t want to have to go out and buy the same choker for $24 from brandy mellville, but you need to stay hip with the times.

Chokers with charms:

Mmmmkay we get it, you aren’t religious you’re “spiritual”, your necklace probably has a sun or a moon or a cactus or whatever because you’re an aries and those symbols just speak to you, ok??? You usually pair your necklace with some other henna inspired accessory and float around campus, because let’s face it, you could pass for a fairy.

The Wrap Around Choker:

Well isn’t someone a fashionista! I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone in real-life rock this kind of accessory but I do know their wardrobe is definitely not from TJ Maxx like yours truly. They have never jumped out of bed 5 minutes before their class and wore pajamas for the full day, and probably have impeccable hair…

The Metal Collar:

Stop that, these should only be seen on the spring/fall runway during Paris Fashion Week and that. is. it.