What We Can Do

What Can We Do?


            Following the election, many people feel more inclined to advocate for the causes that matter to them more than ever. This enthusiasm is amazing and crucial to the state of our country over the next few years. Action in the face of the threat of complacency is great to see, especially in young people. While many want to let their voice be heard and have a more active role in the future of their country, some of us might not know where to place our efforts. In an attempt to help, here are some charities that could use your donations or time as a volunteer, as well as some ways to get more involved locally:


Women’s Services/Reproductive Rights:


Naral Pro-Choice America: Advocates and fights for women’s reproductive rights. Donate link: https://actnow.prochoiceamerica.org/donate/161109_trumpelected_hpfeature#.WCvDdeErLUp


Planned Parenthood: Provides a wide variety of medical services, from general health care for both men and women, to STD/STI testing, birth control, and abortions. To donate to this organization, which just celebrated its 100th anniversary, go to this link:




LGBTQ+ Advocacy/Rights:


Human Rights Campaign: A large, nation-wide organization that currently advocates for the rights of more than 1.5 million people in the LGBTQ+ community.  Donate link: https://give.hrc.org/ea-action/action?ea.client.id=1954&ea.campaign.id=51848&_ga=1.109084165.1475167696.1478722857


LGBT Initiative:  An organization working to provide scholarships for higher education, counseling, and affordable healthcare for members of the LGBTQ+ community. Donate link: https://secure.squarespace.com/commerce/donate?donatePageId=577039f115d5dbd84da0d275


International Affairs:


National Immigration Law Center: This program provides support and defense for low-income immigrants. It also fights against unjust immigration laws and policies. Donate link: https://nilc.z2systems.com/np/clients/nilc/donation.jsp?campaign=15&


Council on American-Islamic Relations: A group working to educate Americans on Islam, justice, and understanding. This group also advocates and fights for the rights of Muslim Americans. Donate link: https://www.cair.com/donations/general-donation/campaign/#/donation


Local Opportunities for Engagement:


Planned Parenthood can always use more volunteers. If you want to get involved and help out the organization, contact your local clinic and see what they need. The local Planned Parenthood in Saratoga Springs can be reached at:  518-584-0041


Sustainability at Skidmore! If you are concerned about the environment, there are a number of ways that you can get involved on campus. http://www.skidmore.edu/sustainability/