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What To Do on a Skidmore Snow Day

When I first started at Skidmore, they told us that we would only get one snow day in our whole career at Skidmore. Now we have had two snow days just this year. Everything on campus is closed except for a few mandatory services, so it is hard to plan for a whole day.

This is how a typical snow day goes: On Friday, I wake up to my alarm, read the text that school was closed, and then continue to stay in bed. After a considerable amount of time, I eat some snacks in my dorm, and decide I need more to eat than cookies and granola bars.

I then get dressed and trudge through the snow in my boots and zipped up coat to the dining hall. I eat usually what they have at the diner and maybe some cereal. I get some warm coffee, because it is warm and easy to get caffeine. After eating and finally getting warm, I muster up the energy to walk back to my dorm. After getting to the dorm I might watch an episode or two of television, and then get started on my homework. Thus begins the cycle of watching an episode of television with my roommate and maybe other friends in the dorm, then working on homework, then another episode of television. This continues until dinner, when the snow has most likely stopped. Sometimes I will do laundry because I am inside all day anyway, but if we just had a snow day then I do not need to.

Any suggestions on what to do on a snow day? Let me know!

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