What Celebrities Might Smell Like

Celebrities are great. We love them. We know everything about them from their height to their shoe size to their favorite midnight snack. It’s normal! The one thing we may never know is what they smell like. Maybe this is for the better but, then again, maybe not. Here are a few celebrities and my best guess as to what they smell like:


Kris Jenner- Chanel No. 5


Chris Evans- Like a clean musk and a forestry aftershave.


Jay-Z- Cigars in a new limousine


Daniel Radcliffe- Just cigarettes, but not in a gross way, and cold weather.


Rihanna- Cinnamon and smoke.


Arianna Grande- Cupcakes frosted with buttermilk. No sprinkles.


The Yeti- Fresh snowfall and murder.


Santa Clause- Gingerbread and magic and reindeer sweat.


Ansel Elgort- Okay? Okay.


Beyoncé’s unborn twins- Promise.