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Ways to Get Organized over Spring Break

Spring Break is just around the corner and a healthy dose of relaxation is in order. But, if you’re like me, you see it as a time to kickstart all the projects you’ve been putting off– job applications, essays and research projects for your classes, or making your own dentist appointment (thanks, Mom).

Here are some tips to set you up for success:

Make a monthly calendar

Look at the events and assingments you have coming up in the following days/weeks and chart them all onto a monthly calendar so that you can get an overview of what your spring will look like. Make sure to leave some room for adventures with friends and some quality alone time. If you don’t have a planner, I would suggest picking one up (whether its a cute one at Staples for $15-$25, or a free academic planner at Student Academic Services). In my opinion, it’s always better to physically write it down as opposed to relying solely on your iPhone calendar. 

Empty your inbox and reply to all the emails you’ve been avoiding

Need I say more…

Purge your closet

Spring clothes are my favorite–but how can you make room for all the new clothes you’re going to buy (even though you’re #broke because you’re a college student) if you have all the clothes from high school you don’t wear anymore? Getting rid of your more worn out clothes, especially those associated with some bad memories, can be the best way to start the spring season afresh. There are also tons of charitable organizations like the Salvation Army and Good Will that will always accept your donations. 

Invest in Post-its

Life savers! Post-its are truly a girl’s best friend when it comes to organization. You can leave them all around your room and/or apartment, on the sides of your computer screen, and even in your planner if you’re super organized. You can also use them to leave yourself and your friends positive notes to start the day! 

*If you’re too techy and don’t want to be bothered by actual post-it notes, utilize the Reminders app on your phone. 


English Major and Business Minor at Skidmore College and new Co-CC of Skidmore HC. Spends free time hanging out with friends, taking yoga classes and dancing, and admittedly binge-watching her favorite Netflix shows. 
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