Underrated Places to Study During Finals

During midterms I wrote a list of the best, underrated places to study. Now that it's finals I am back with an updated list to make finals a little less stressful!  

1. The Couches in the Spa

        Let’s be honest.. we were all incredulous when we heard the Spa was getting a (much needed) facelift. But surprisingly they pulled through. Cozy up on the couches at the back of spa for a study spot conveniently located near outlets, food, and coffee.

2. Department Offices

        Is it just me or did it take anyone else four years to realize that department offices are a great place to study? You’re near your professors if you need help, and if you’re lucky maybe even a printer!

3. In a classroom

    Hear me out. Have you ever gotten to class a little early (or stayed a little late) and thought “Hey, this is kind of peaceful”? No? Is that just me? Regardless, your favorite classroom can be a great, quiet place to get some studying done!

4. Dhall Booth

    Dhall is a great place if you have a meal plan but it may be ~even better~ if you don’t! What? I know. Think - for one meal swipe (or 10 ish dollars if you don’t have a meal plan) you can sit in a booth all day and have unlimited food as you study! That’s right. Stay in Dhall all day and get breakfast, lunch, dinner and a cozy booth in which you can study.

5. Reserve a study room

This is something that I don't think we take enough advantage of. Even if it looks like all of the rooms are full, chances are they're not! Look at Skidmore.edu/ems to see the availability of all of the rooms and schedule out your day! (Pro tip: you can only reserve 2 hours at a time so have a friend reserve the next 2 hours for you)

6. In the bookshelves in the library

Yes, this does mean you will have to sit on the floor. But setting up and spreading out among the books can be a great way to have some privacy while still being in the public library. 

7.Dorm study rooms

They're there for a reason! Put on some music, and take advantage of the study rooms! Bonus: it feels like you're in the library but really you're a few feet from your bed, food, and everything else you may need (you can also go in your pajamas)! 

~Off Campus Suggestions~

1. Uncommon

Uncommon is a GREAT place to study! They have free wifi and it's an easy trip on the bus

2. Kru

Another great place to study. A little less convenient to get to, but the vibe in Kru is a lot less hectic than some of the other Saratoga coffee spots.