TV Shows with Empowering Female Characters to Binge Watch

Got a lot on your plate? Want to ignore all of it? Here are some shows you can easily get really wrapped in, jam packed with positive female friendships and strong feminist messages to assuage the guilt and pain that will accompany your decreased academic performance.


Big Little Lies

Go check out Emma Bernstein’s article for more on why this show is amazing, but DANG. Big Little Lies tackles a lot of really hard issues, spanning from domestic abuse to coming of age, and does it with appropriate attention and grace. Female characters of all ages advocate for and support each other in a way that is, while unapologetically human, fearless and admirable.


Totally hilarious and totally real. This show follows two young women in Los Angeles, one a lawyer and the other working for a non-profit, as they balance their professional, platonic, and romantic lives. The dialogue is brilliantly written, relatable, and believable while never shying away from the slapstick and awkward. Both characters are well-developed, imperfect, and a whole lot more than the people they date.

Grace and Frankie

An important window into the complexities of womanhood later in life. Grace and Frankie, two women in their 70s, have their lives thrown upside when their husbands leave them to marry each other. The show follows their transition back into single life, which includes moving out, re-entering the dating scene, and mourning the loss of the lives they used to have. The show is moving, bittersweet, sobering, and equally hilarious.

Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin is the ultimate women's empowerment show. You've got four incredible leading ladies who kick butt and take names every single episode. You've got accurate portrayals of virginity, single motherhood, dating, and familial relationships. All in all a stand up show.