Top Ten Reason Why Zac Efron Will Always and Forever Be My Teen Heartthrob:

Ever since Zac Efron, or Zefron as I call him, stepped onto the High School Musical stage he has had a permanent place in my heart. From his charming smile, to his unreal bod he hasn’t failed to make my heart flutter. Here are the top ten reasons why you should love him as much as I do:

1. He. Can. Sing. Which means he can serenade you on your bad days, sing you lullabies when you go to bed, and jam with you in the car. 

2. He uses his celeb status to make a change, like c’mon can someone say dreamy?

3. Simone Biles loved him, so he went to surprise her and hang out with them and if that isn’t adorable then I DON’T KNOW WHAT IS. 

4. He’s a goofball and loves ice cream. Cue “these are a few of my favorite things” 

5. He can make fun of himself, meaning you can be a klutz around him and he’ll think its charming AF.

6. He’s a lover of animals, so there’s no doubt that snuggling up with Zefron and a dog/cat will be in your future…. Or dreams…. 

7. Can we just talk about his body? 

8. He glowed up so hard, puberty really did wonders for him. 


10. He was an adorable child, meaning his future children will be just as adorable