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Tips for an Aries


Happy birthday, Aries! It’s your month to celebrate, so to help you have the best time possible we’ve put together tips designed to help you take advantage of your Aries strengths while also making the most of your weaknesses. Follow these easy guidelines and you can rock your horoscope in all aspects of your life.

On a whim

Aries are known for being headstrong and ready for action, and that can be an awesome quality! You take what life gives you and live in the moment, so you don’t miss an opportunity. However, be careful that you’re not too impulsive when making decisions, especially when those choices may have a long-term impact on your life. It’s good to be daring but there’s also a time and place to be practical.

Ready to play

You love excitement, are always ready for action, and don’t let anything phase you–all qualities that allow you to take life by the horns. Remember that it’s okay if life isn’t always a barrel of laughs and entertainment. Learn to live in the calm. Too much craziness can run you down, and you’ll be much more content in the long run if you can learn to live in peace too.

Don’t back down

Aries girls are brave and natural leaders. When you let your confidence show, people naturally follow you. Rock that power and strut that self-assuredness! You’ll gain even more respect, and that can open so many doors to new opportunities.

Take on anything

Because you’re so brave and daring, you tend to take on projects as they appear. This enthusiasm often means moving on to the next big idea before finishing up your last. Try to stay more focused on what’s already on your plate, because adding new projects will quickly lead to a trail of abandoned attempts. Find a passion and stick with it. The satisfaction you get from accomplishing each goal will beat the rush of starting something new.


Whether it’s the classroom or your dorm room, the campus green or a club meeting, Aries always know how to make a strong impression. With this simple advice, make the most of your horoscope strengths and make this birthday the best one yet!

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Remy Marin

Skidmore '15

Remy is an English major and dance minor at Skidmore College. In addition to being CC, Remy is the VP of Outreach of Skidmore's peer mediation group and apprentice for Mediation Matters in Saratoga Springs.
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