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Tim Brodsky

Hometown: Auburn Maine
Year: 2014
Major: Exercise Science
Activities: Lacrosse

Hobbies: Swimming, Skiing, Cycling
Favorite Destination: Costa Rica
If he could buy anything today it would be...: A new car and a puppy (a black or yellow lab)

Dream Job: Team Physician for a professional sports team
Out of these three celebs: Michael Jordan, George Clooney,  and Pauli D., he identifies most with: M.J. - I rock the hanes boxers and love sports.
His Ideal Girl: Someone who can make me laugh and have a conversation with me. (never hurts to be cute either)
Harry Potter House: Gryffindor - because the sorting hat would say so, and the sorting hat is never wrong.
Relationship status: facebook says single...

Adriana is a junior at Skidmore College, with an English major and Studio Art and French double minor. Born and raised in the Main Line suburbs of Philadelphia, Adriana loves to travel, write, and paint. She has spent summers in France and Italy studying fashion, painting, and art history, and recently finished her semester abroad in Paris. At Skidmore, Adriana enjoys participating in musicals, club soccer and field hockey, and writing for the school newspaper. With advertising and graphic design internships under her belt, Adriana is excited to continue her experience in journalism at Her Campus, and eventually get a law degree. In her free time, she loves to play tennis, paint oil portraits, and play the piano.
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