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Surviving Finals Week: 7 No Fail Tips

Whenever finals week rolls around, we all think that we have so much time to get our final papers, projects and studying for final exams done, right? Sometimes too much time is a bad thing, and college is all about time management. It’s hard to balance all of a collegiette’s priorities, especially this time of year. So, here are some of our top time management tips for finals week.

1. Take advantage of Academic Services
Academic counselors can help you break down your schedule hour-to-hour, quiz you on test materials, provide student tutors and give you some great strategies for studying. You have nothing to lose by making a half-hour appointment with a counselor to lay out your schedule with them. Talking it through can really help you get organized. This semester, Academic Services has relocated to the fourth floor of Palamountain Hall, and as always, their services are free for students.

2. Do whatever assignment you don’t want to do first
We all have the tendency to procrastinate and leave the worst assignments to the last minute. Well, how about doing those most dreaded assignments first? It’s like ripping off a band-aid—just get it over with. Afterwards, it will all be downhill.

3. Make appointments with professors
This isn’t necessarily a time management tip, but even if you think you are on the right track with an assignment, it looks better to the professor that you discuss it with them before turning it in. Clarification can also help. Maybe you’re overthinking the assignment! Once you turn it in, you’ll know you did everything that you could do to make that assignment the best that it could be.

4. Have a consistent sleep schedule
During study days, it’s tempting to sleep in until noon and stay up late, but try to go to bed at the same time every night and get up at the same time every day. It’s okay to let yourself sleep in a little bit, but be consistent and make the best use of your time.

5. Allot a certain amount of time for assignments on a given day
Studying over a longer period of time, versus cramming everything the night before is better for retaining information. If you don’t get as far as you wanted in the allotted time period, you can always return to it later. This tip will help keep you moving.

6. Be honest with yourself
Do you get work done best alone or working with a group? Would a study session with a friend help you get the concepts down, or would you spend the whole time socializing? Only study with friends or classmates, if you really think it would benefit you. Otherwise, find a solo space in the library and plug in to your best study playlist.

7. Study in a productive environment
Speaking of the library… are you a student who needs absolute silence when working? Then Uncommon Grounds probably isn’t the best place to try and get things done. The library can also be distracting (especially on the first floor), so try to find a place where you won’t find yourself socializing the whole time. Check out our favorite Skidmore and Saratoga study spots here!

Good luck, collegiettes! After this, you will have the entire summer to relax. Let’s go out with a bang!

Cara is a Senior at Skidmore College, where she majors in Gender Studies, and minors in Sociology. When not studying at the library, she works in retail, interns, participates in student government and tries to keep up with all the latest fashion news!
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