Style Profile: Zoe Hatalyn

HC: What was your favorite fashion accessory in middle school?

ZH: Headbands. I was the Blair Waldorf of my middle school. I sported anything from a basic black headband to one of those mini top hats from Claire's.

HC: When was your "style awakening"?

ZH: My style awakening is too hard to pinpoint. My style has always changed, and changed often. So my style has evolved pretty gradually, but if I had to pick an exact date it would be Monday October 9, 2006: Leif Erikson Day.

HC: Whose style do you envy the most?

ZH: I envy elderly people's style. I'm not joking. I already have my wardrobe planned out for when I get old. Hint, it has a lot of L.L. Bean in it.

HC: If you could have an entire closet of clothing from one designer, which designer would it be?

ZH: Ralph Lauren. Hands down. I love looking through his catalogs as well as admiring his outlet at the U.S. Open Tennis Tournament. I would kill to be a ball girl just to wear their Ralph Lauren uniforms.

 HC: Which celebrity’s style do you hate the most?

ZH: J.Lo. Sorry J.Lo, you know I love you, but you also know you're still the type to wear a juicy couture sweats combo with off brand sequin Uggs.

HC: What is your favorite and least favorite fashion trend on the Skidmore campus?

ZH: My favorite fashion trend on the Skidmore campus has got to be Sherpa coats. They just look good on everyone, with almost every outfit, and they keep you warm! My least favorite trend is thigh high/knee high socks. Unpopular opinion, I know, but it's mostly just because I can't wear them. My thighs are pretty big and the elastic around the socks just creates rolls of fat on my legs that wouldn’t normally be seen. But I guess if you can wear them without the problems I have, go for it!