Style Profile, Glow Up Edition: Quinn Valence

HC: So Quinn, your sense of style has recently glowed up immensely. Where were you shopping before, and where are you shopping now?

QV: I would say the biggest change I've made is I've started buying clothes that actually fit me. Right now I'm shopping at Levi's for pants and H&M for tops.


HC: What does your go-to outfit look like?

QV: My go-to outfit is black or blue skinny jeans rolled up a little, toms with no socks, with a plain black tee and a tight sweatshirt on top.


HC: Do you have any style inspirations, celebrity or otherwise?

QV: Honestly, my main source of ideas for what to wear comes from people watching in D-hall.


HC: What article of clothing would you never be caught dead wearing?

QV: Probably an unpopular opinion at Skidmore but I would never be caught dead wearing Blundstones.


HC: What was your favorite fashion accessory when you were in middle school?

QV: In middle school one of my favorite fashion accessories was my fedora. I also tied a string around my neck and called it a necklace (It actually caught on with some of my friends). I put a lot of effort trying to make stripes and plaid work too.


Quinn pre and post glow-up: