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Style Profile: Emma Kapp

Emma Kapp Style Profile




Name: Emma Kapp

Class Year: 2020

Major: Undecided

Hometown: Winchester, Massachusetts


HC: What is your favorite season to dress for and why?


EMMA: Fall, because I wear/own a lot of light jackets and pants so I usually get the most wear out of my wardrobe during this time. All of my pieces are super versatile and regardless of what season they were meant for, they can be worn in autumn. 


HC: Where do you find yourself shopping the most?


EMMA: Thrift stores, I don’t like supporting big corporations. I also think its ridiculous to shop somewhere and spend a lot on something I could find for a dollar else where. AND you can get more original pieces in my opinion!!!


HC: Being new to campus, how does style play a role in your life/students around you that you’ve noticed?


EMMA: it’s weird seeing how people connect of similar fashion senses. It’s a segway to start a conversation. Coming here, I thought my style was much more unique but it’s nice to know there are more people who dress like me and have similar morals about dressing.  


HC: what’s your go to fashion accessory? 


EMMA: Earrings! I have a ridiculous amount of earrings from costume shops. 


HC: who are your fashion icons?


EMMA: I’ve never really thought about it so i’ll have to say my friends

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