Spring Fashion Trends I’m Super Into

Guys, it was 67 this week. You know what that means! The bi-polar spring of upstate new York is almost upon us and we have to dress in style because I’m SICK of turtlenecks ok? Here are the best looks for the crazy spring inevitably coming:

The Off-The-Shoulder Top

I know I’m a little late to the game with this one but DAMN ladies these tops are so stinkin cute! And Forever 21 obviously hooks it up with the >$35 top, because they’re the best.




Ladies… I’m SO into what Zara is doing with embroidery like I cannot even begin to express how excited I am about this. Embroidered clothes usually run a little bit expensive because of the extensive process of individually stitching patterns onto clothing, but Zara is hooking it up with some good deals that will keep you in style without breaking the bank.



Slide-On Loafers

Ok so these are everywhere and now its finally warm enough to actually wear them without feeling like your feet are going to straight up fall off. Nasty Gals is having a gigantic sale (70% OFF EVERYTHING THIS IS NOT A DRILL) so checkout these adorable loafers.



Funky Sleeves

Even if us Skid Kids don’t wear much color, we can still get some flair from our clothing choices. Large, ruffly, dramatic sleeves seem to be in and I am definitely not mad about it. Especially these Primark finds that are too inexpensive not to buy…