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Sol Goldberg

Hometown: Manhattan
Major: Government
Dream job: erotic dancer
Most prized possession: Nike dunks
If you could have one superpower it would be…? Mind-reader
Ideal girl: Olivia Weiner

Relationship status: single ;)
Your best pickup line: “Damn, girl… how you fit in them jeans?”
Favorite book:  I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell by Tucker Max
Best friend at Skidmore: Danny Roosevelt
Venue or Mare?:  Peabody’s
Blonde, brunette, or redhead?:  Ginger
Three words that best describe you: scholarly, eclectic, perverted

Adriana is a junior at Skidmore College, with an English major and Studio Art and French double minor. Born and raised in the Main Line suburbs of Philadelphia, Adriana loves to travel, write, and paint. She has spent summers in France and Italy studying fashion, painting, and art history, and recently finished her semester abroad in Paris. At Skidmore, Adriana enjoys participating in musicals, club soccer and field hockey, and writing for the school newspaper. With advertising and graphic design internships under her belt, Adriana is excited to continue her experience in journalism at Her Campus, and eventually get a law degree. In her free time, she loves to play tennis, paint oil portraits, and play the piano.
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