Social Media Spotlight: Ruby Siegel of Spoon Skidmore

Name: Ruby Siegel, Photo Director and Social Media Manager @ Spoon Skidmore 

Class: 2018

Hometown: Westchester, NY

Major: Sociology. Minors: Film & Media Studies, Dance

HC: How did you get involved with Spoon? 

RS: I had known about Spoon for a while when I saw the flyer to join. There was a turn over with leadership at the beginning of my sophomore year, so they were looking for a social media manager. I applied, got in and with the help of the amazing Maria (Community Manager) and Karen (Editorial Director) we re-launched our chapter! 

HC: Do you remember the first dish you cooked? 

I don’t remember what was first but my mom cooks and bakes a lot so it was probably this cake that she makes every year for Thanksgiving called Bubies Cake. It’s not my Bubbie and we don’t know whose Bubbie it is, but someones bubbie put this cake in a temple cookbook in the 60’s and now we make it every year. 

HC: If you were a food which one would you be? 

RS: If I was a food I would be a Levain cookie, a rainbow bagel with funfetti cream cheese, or black raspberry ice cream. I’m not sure if these describe me or if I just like to eat these but either way, all of the above.

HC: Which restaurant in 'Toga would you recommend to the ultimate foodie? 

RS: I’m obsessed with Krü Coffee!! The food and coffee are great and the lighting/decor are great for Instagram, sorry not sorry. 

HC: If you had to be a kitchen utensil, which one would you be and why?

RS: I’m definitely a Soda Stream. I make life more exciting, kind of like how a Soda Stream makes water more exciting.