SnapShot: Zoe Halatyn

HC: Who are your style icons?

ZH: My style icons would probably be Keirnan Shipka, Chloe Grace Moretz, and Chloe Sevigny.


HC: How has going to school at Skidmore impacted your personal style?

ZH: Going to Skidmore has definitely changed my style for the better. Everyone is so open to experimenting with clothing and going out of the box that it's made it easier for me to do the same.


HC: Where do you shop?

ZH: I surprise people by telling them I shop a lot at Forever 21. I know it has a bad reputation but their contemporary section has gotten so good it hurts. It's also really cheap! I also shop at Zara, LLBean, Urban Outfitters, and UniQlo.


HC: What is your favorite season to dress for?

ZH: I love dressing for fall because it's so versatile. I could wear a sweater or a short dress and both are totally valid options. I also love dressing for summer; a cute top and jean shorts everyday is so easy.


HC: What is your go-to fashion accessory?

ZH: My go to fashion accessory is my layered gold necklace. It just makes any outfit of mine go from looking messy to put together. It's a must have for everyone.