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Skidmore’s Water Woes


Skidmore’s water supply is very mineral-rich. If you aren’t used to it, it may taste funny or even make you feel sick. Many students complain about the water, and will go to any length to avoid drinking it. The least cost-effective and eco-friendly solution is unfortunately also the most popular: Skidmore makes huge profits on bottled water sold on campus.

One of the reasons why Skidmore is still selling plastic water bottles on campus is due to their popularity as a convenience item and their high profit margin. However, SGA and the various environmental groups on campus have recognized this issue and its incongruence with sustainability initiatives.

Although there is currently no plan to stop selling plastic water bottles, the administration has approved implementing aspects of the “Take Back the Tap” program at Skidmore.  Skidmore recognizes the importance of environmentalism to its students and the administration is working hard to make our campus a greener place.

“Take Back the Tap” is a national campaign that encourages schools to be more sustainable by reducing or banning plastic water bottle use.  The current plan is to create take-back-the-tap spots on campus as a pilot program this year.  This would involve adding new spouts to existing water fountains in order to allow students to easily fill their bottles with filtered water.  These spouts will most likely be installed in high traffic areas such as Case Center and the library.   

Since this movement is still underway, here are some measures that you can take in the meantime to reduce your footprint while enjoying pure water:

Cost-Effective Bobble

The Bobble is a water bottle with a built in filter that purifies as you drink. It is quickly gaining popularity as the most convenient way to filter your water! It has a sleek and lightweight design, and the filter tops come in a variety of colors. Bobbles are available at Target, Amazon, and are even sold at American Apparel! The small bobbles cost as little as $8.99.

Camelback Groove

Although it’s a bit pricier than the bobble, studies have shown that this style of bottle encourages you to drink more! And who can deny that it’s fun to chew on the rubbery straw during class? These bottles cost about $25 and have a built in filter system just like the Bobble.

The Good Ole’ Brita Filter

Brita filters are great because you can share them with your roommates! With a Brita, you can fill whatever bottle you like. Store it in the fridge and you will always have cool, pure water on hand.

REMINDER: With any of these filter systems, you should expect to change the filter at least every three months! Make sure you follow the instructions on the packaging. 


It’s easy to get lazy and buy a water bottle, but keep in mind how wasteful this habit is. Additionally, you will save a lot of money by using a filter. It’s a win-win.

Skidmore, class of 2015, Neuroscience major. Writer, runner, artist. Also loves skiing and crafts. And baking her famous biscotti. :)
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