Six Clubs I Have A Crush On

1. FeelGood

You’re like the good friend I’ve slowly developed feelings for. You give me grilled cheese every week, often with beautiful pesto and adorable cherry tomatoes. If you were a real person and not a club I’m sure you’d have dimples.


2. The 213 Dance Crew

To be honest, I’ve had my eyes on you for a long time now, but you’re intimidatingly hot. I see you in the cafeteria with all your friends and I know you don’t notice me. One time you blinked at me or maybe you just had something in your eye but I thought about it for weeks.


3. The Drastic Measures (and all acappella groups, really)

When we hang out I feel like you know just what to say to make me warm inside. Your harmonies make me real nervous, but like in a good way, the butterfly kind of way. I think we’re just like, really compatible.


4. Chess Club

Your weird-ass glittery posters caught my eye sophomore year. At first I thought you were kinda peculiar, and like, you came on really strong, dude. Then it occurred to me that being good at chess takes skill and intelligence. Intelligence is attractive. I feel like we should get coffee sometime.


5. Skidmo’ Daily

You know what else is attractive? Humor. Skidmo’ is the sexy comedian I can’t stop thinking about. Truly, I’ve been so impressed with Skidmo’ this year. Always relevant, Onion-worthy headlines every week. Hot.


6. Mana Crystal

I feel like you actually value my thoughts and feelings and total sillyness, and that’s what love is all about, right? Do you like me as much as I like you? I wrote about you in my journal last night.