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Skidmore students have style. That’s one thing freshman realize within a week of being on campus. While at other schools students wear sweats (on sweats on sweats) to class almost daily, SkidKids always seem to have time in the morning to put on a cute outfit—even during finals. We love that fact… and sometimes we hate that fact. So what’s fashionable at Skidmore? It’s pretty simple:


Black Tights (Correction: Torn Black Tights)

Anywhere you go on campus, and we mean anywhere, you’re bound to see a girl wearing black tights, regardless of the season. They’re a Skidmore style staple, so we suggest picking up a pair next time you’re at Target. And if they rip? Even better. Despite being a fashion taboo in the real world, torn and ripped tights are totally acceptable at Skidmore, adding an edgy, carefree vibe to any cute outfit.

Combat Boots

We don’t know if you’ve looked down in class often (especially when that lecture on cycloalkenes is just so darn interesting), but if you do, expect to see some combat boots. Skidmore loves military chic (even though the closest thing to battle that most girls see is the line for the soda machine in D-Hall).

Skinny Jeans (on Both Sexes)

R.I.P. boot-cut. Skinnies have taken over for everyone, boy and girl. Sometimes they help seamlessly pull an outfit together (and create that adorable hipster vibe), but is it worth all the twerking and lunging needed to put them on?

Colorful Skinny Jeans

Did we mention that the only thing SkidKids love more than skinny jeans are colorful skinny jeans? We’re lookin’ at you, fellas. From purple to crimson, we’ve got the entire color wheel represented on the thighs of students every day. What’s more impressive than owning a pair of orange skinny jeans? Being able to match something to a pair of orange skinny jeans.



What goes great with black tights and a cute V-neck shirt? A scarf, of course. Any scarf will do, but we personally love anything bulky and über comfy. Not only do they keep you warm, they hide that not-so subtle hickey you got from that freshman at Falstaffs.


If Skidmore ever declares Lumberjacking (is that a thing?) a major, we’ll all be prepared.

Thrift-Shop Sweaters

Sorry, Macklemore; Skidmore made thrift-shop sweaters cool way before you did. (We still think you’re cute, don’t worry). Grandpa sweaters are all the rage, and why not?! They’re super comfy, warm, and you can’t beat that $5.00 price tag.

Whether you stick to the Skidmore style uniform or not, you can’t deny that these wardrobe staples are all over campus. Pick up a pair of on-trend colorful skinny jeans or set a new trend of your own this fall!

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