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Semi Alternative Fun Day Playlist

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Skidmore chapter.

The most highly anticipated day at Skidmore is quickly approaching. As Fun Day looms in the distance—anxiety inducing for some, exciting for others—there’s a lot to think about. How are you possibly going to finish your bio lab report that’s due on Monday? Is it going to be warm enough to wear knee high gladiator sandals? What about flower crowns? Are those in or out right now? Are you going to get to talk to your crush on the bouncy castle? What on earth are you going to listen to while getting ready?

While I cannot answer all these questions for you, I can at least provide you with an answer for the last one. * Your Fun Day music choice is essential. You don’t know what to listen to. You’re tired of hearing Shape of You every ten seconds. I like music other than Shape of You **. This is the prefect arrangement. Here’s my top 10 not-radio songs to listen to when you wake up, while you’re enjoying your shower beer, and as you paste glitter onto your face and inhale two bagels. Happy listening! And remember—Fun Day is a marathon, not a race. Be safe, be smart, and don’t rally. ***      

Above photo: you looking and feeling great at Fun Day, listening to great music, and knowing you’ll feel great tomorrow because you’ve chosen not to rally.

1. Miles Away – The Maine 

2. Kings of the Weekend – blink-182

3. Just Hold On – Steve Aoki and Louis Tomlinson 

4. Lightning in a Bottle – The Summer Set 

5. About a Girl – The Academy Is…

6. Permanent Vacation – 5 Seconds of Summer

7. Diana – One Direction 

8. Coming Alive – Kodaline 

9. Caroline – All Time Low

10. Voldemort – With Confidence

*Watch me try: you’ll do the lab report on Sunday (it won’t be great but it’ll be done); no it probably won’t be warm enough for knee high gladiator sandals and those are ugly anyway; flower crowns are kinda out but I still like them so rock it; and yes, definitely, you will.

**I love Shape of You. I love radio music. Don’t come at me.

***I’m serious. Go to sleep. Don’t rally.

Photo from Pexels

Gwen is a senior, English major, and co-CC of Her Campus Skidmore. She spends a lot of time watching Pretty Little Liars and Fixer Upper, listening to music, staring at her comptuer screen and wishing words would come easier, and waiting for the New York Islanders to win another Stanley Cup (preferably at the Coli). Also, she really likes cheese and is trying to learn to skateboard. It's not going very well.