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Saratoga Staycation

We all know the feeling of being stuck in the Skidmore bubble: it can make you feel trapped, bored, and grumpy. Fear not, collegiettes, we at HC Skidmore are here to get you out of that funk! Skidmore and the city of Saratoga Springs have so much to offer. We often get so stuck in our schoolwork and tiny dorm/apartment-centric world that we forget what drew us to Skidmore in the first place. Next time you’re feeling antsy and bored of Skidmore, treat yourself to a Saratoga staycation!

Think about all the things you love doing on vacations: being outdoors, going out to eat, exploring the town, going to museums, and sightseeing. Now do all those things in Saratoga; grab a few of your friends, set aside a weekend, and staycation away!

1. Explore Northwoods! At Skidmore, we have the beautiful Northwoods at our disposal. Go explore all the paths you haven’t gone down yet – make your way to the water tower or the railroad tracks; if you’re feeling artsy, bring a camera and have a DIY photoshoot with your friends.

2. Be a tourist and taste the springs. Check out all the natural springs around Saratoga and give them a taste! Make sure you bring a flavored drink to wash down the springwater though… it’s full of minerals that are less than tasty.

3. Check out Grant CottageEver want to see where Ulysses S. Grant lived his last few years? Well, you can, because it’s right here in Wilton! Go check it out if you have a passion for history or want to know more about Saratoga’s past. 

4. Hang out downtown. Downtown Saratoga Springs is a beautiful, vibrant little town, even in the winter. With adorable boutiques, delicious restaurants, and gorgeous architecture, Broadway and the surrounding areas are amazing places to spend time. Go out to eat, go shopping, and learn about the incredible history of Saratoga. If you’re pretty familiar with downtown, try venturing off Broadway and checking out some of the other areas Saratoga has to offer!

5. Visit some museums. We have some really amazing museums in Saratoga, including the National Museum of Dance and the Tang Museum right here at Skidmore!

6. Host a spa night! Gather up your best girlfriends and make your own face masks, body scrubs, and moisturizers. Then pop in your favorite chick flick, sit in a massage train, and paint one another’s nails. 

Ileana is a senior at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, New York. She lives in Eugene, Oregon when not at school. Ileana is studying Sociology and English. She loves writing, decorating clothing, and spending time with friends. You can also check out her personal blog at http://sometimesiweartiaras.wordpress.com/. Thanks for reading!
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