Saratoga Springs Coffee Shops: Ranked

Have you ever found yourself in town, overwhelmed by the number of coffee shops within a 500 foot radius? If you’re a Skidmore student, the answer is probably yes. I’m going to help you out here and rank the coffee shops in Saratoga by judging their bagel w/ pb and their iced coffee.


Coming in first... Saratoga Coffee Traders

SCT is my absolute favorite coffee shop in Saratoga. Known for its world famous Death Wish Coffee, SCT is where you’ll find me doing work, munching on a bagel, and getting free refills on iced coffee. Their iced coffee is just strong enough and they know the perfect ratio for bagel:peanut butter. Additionally, I saw Adam Levine in there once and it was life changing and they have a wall in the back filled up with old-fashioned candy and fun board games. It’s safe to say I will miss SCT more than i’ll miss most people over the summer.


Up next... SPOT Coffee

Spot is wayyyyy underrated. Off the beaten track, Spot is located off-Broadway meaning that it is often much less crowded than the other coffee places in town. Spot is the perfect place for cheap food and coffee and a great work space. My favorite feature of Spot is their massive windows. The natural light is great for working and instagram-taking.


In third place... Uncommon Grounds

I’m sure people expected me to have Uncommon up at the top. Alas, I think Uncommon is WAY overhyped. It’s impossible to find a table, you have to wait forever to get your bagel/coffee because the place is always crowded, and it’s pretty expensive for a coffee shop. I do love hitting up UG on a Sunday morning, but for social reasons only. UG is the perfect place to SABS (see and be seen).


Last but CERTAINLY least...Starbucks

The unicorn frappuccino is one of the great threats to humanity… ‘nough said.


Honorable Mention: Kru Coffee (trendy and expensive but became pretty irrelevant to my life when they discontinued their toasts..)