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Review: Zoolander 2

Going into the theater, my expectations were at a moderate level. With Deadpool and other exciting features out, the theater was mostly empty. Since watching the first Zoolander movie, I was still pretty pumped nonetheless. Hearing about Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson walking in a Valentino show in character also made me intrigued. In summary, my expectations were mixed. I was expecting a few laughs and maybe a few memorable lines and references to the first film. I was not wrong, but I was not expecting the abundance and elaborateness of references and cameos that actually entailed.  

For anyone wanting to watch Zoolander 2, I say go for it. There is action, there are jabs at the fashion industry and references to the best parts of the first film. And then there are the cameos. So. Many. Cameos. Literally everyone was in this movie. I have no idea how they managed to pull that off. Justin Bieber, Neil deGrasse Tyson and Sting are only a few mentions. Most of these cameos involved lines and crazy roles, so if you want to see Vera Wang in a secret cult or Susan Sarandon quote “Touch A Touch A Touch A Touch Me” from her role in Rocky Horror Picture show, this is the movie to see. The plot was similar to the first, but not too similar. It also went in a more Sci-Fi direction this time around. The movie did make me laugh, but that was pretty much it. Out of 10 I give it a 6 or 7. It’s worth a watch, but maybe don’t rush to the theater right away. If you saw the first movie, you will probably be pleased with the film. And if you are dying to see the look that beat Zoolander’s new Magnum, you are in for a treat. Any Beliebers might get a little upset though.   


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