Real Life of a Seltzer Addict

I have a (not so) secret confession: I am addicted to seltzer.

At first it was the basics (Pamplemousse La Croix - DUH), but now..... well, it's everything. Seriously, if it is fizzy, low-cal and flavored with some hint of fruit - I have a whole case of it in my bedroom. I'm at the point in my life where I consider myself a "water sommelier". I pride myself on my ability to distinguish between Smart Water and Core Water, La Croix and Polar, Coke and Pepsi. So imagine my surprise when I got a 43 pound package (yes, 43 pounds) of seltzer delivered to my mailbox and it was a brand I had never tried! 

Enter Spindrift: the natural low-cal seltzer I can't stop drinking. My new favorite flavor is Lemon - definitely unexpected. I drink it from the can - it's great. I put it over ice - it's great. I mix it in a drink - it's great. I drink it with every meal - it's still great! 

So go buy a case (or 10) and let the lemon-y goodness spice up your life. If you need me - I'll be here, making everyone I know jump on the seltzer train.