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Pros and Cons of Spending Spring Break at Home

Spring break is here! While plenty of Skid Kids use this week to head off on some awesome Insta-worthy vacation, plenty of us use it to head home and chill out on the couch for a week as well. It may seem like you’re totally missing out if you’re at home watching Riverdale all week, but there are plenty of reasons heading home can be even better than a vacation. Here are just a few of my pros and cons to spending your spring break at home.


* If you’re driving or flying home, usually it’s not on your own dollar. I know I didn’t have the budget to have a spring break trip over $50…

* Home-cooked meals aka not dhall or ramen. #blessed

* Seeing old high school friends. You only get to see them a few times a year so it’s nice if your spring breaks all match up.

* Sleeping in your own bed. Bye bye twin XL, see ya in a week!

* You literally have a week to not do a damn thing. Who has Netflix suggestions?

* Being back on your old stomping grounds, hitting up your favorite hometown restaurants/ice cream places/coffee shops. Because let’s face it, food is the most important thing about visiting home.



* You have to go home… Like where your parents think they can tell you what to do again….

* You might run into someone from high school. Please god no.

* If you’re from the suburbs and don’t have a car, you’re literally trapped in your own home.

* You’re leaving your Skidmore friends, who you spend almost every waking minute with. That week is going to pass by slllooowwwlllyyy without them.

* Did we mention you might run into someone from your high school? And feel obliged to make small talk with them when you see them in Starbucks with 3 day old hair…

* There is always that one girl who goes to a tropical island and DOES NOT STOP taking pictures.

Regardless of if youre going home or on a vacation for spring break, we’re just happy to have a week off amiright?

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My name is Sara Pion, I am a student at Skidmore college and originally from Boston Massachussetts. I love all things fashion and doing DIY crafts.
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