Profile: Olivia Dieterich

Meet Olivia- Wilmarth first floor RA, Skidmore Rowing Coxswain, and Shawn Mendes enthusiast. 

Hometown: Easton, Connecticut

Class Year: 2020

Major: International Affairs


HC: What are you involved in here on campus?

OD: Crew, Honors Forum, and Residential Life.


HC: What's your dream job?

OD: Any job where I can live abroad for a while, ideally working for a consulate or embassy. 


HC: Who is your celebrity crush?

OD: Shawn Mendes. 


HC: What's a fun fact about you?

OD: I don't know how to ride a bike. 


HC: What's your favorite thing about Skidmore?

OD: Wilmarth first floor residents :)