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Profile: Colin Cameron

Name: Colin Cameron

Year: 2019

Major: Environmental Studies

Hometown: Martha’s Vineyard, MA

HC: Describe your ideal date?

CC: Must be on Martha’s Vineyard. Possibly an evening date. Probably take her out to a nice restaurant by the water. Maybe slide down to the Dock-Street Dance… show off some of my killer moves. Follow up with a moonlight walk up to the lighthouse and then I’ll let fate take it from there. *winks*


HC: Being from Martha’s Vineyard, what are your thoughts on Vineyard Vines?

CC: #nukethewhale… island clothing, for tourists…made NOT in America…‘nuf said.


HC: What accomplishment are you most proud of?

CC: I hiked 1500 miles this summer on the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Connecticut.


HC: What is your favorite way to procrastinate on campus?

CC: Play a little FIFA with my homegirl Becca Castellano (class of 2019).


HC: What can Colin Cameron be found wearing on your typical Saturday night?

CC: You got to start off with the iconic Blundstones with some wool socks for comfort… it’s not allllllll about style. Probably some slim fitting pants to show off the recently slim legs (thank you Appalachian Trail). I’d finish the look off with a classic tee, solid colored, and either a nicely worn in denim jacket or a unbuttoned chamois cloth L.L. Bean shirt.


HC: If you were getting married tomorrow, who would you deem your best man (or woman) and why?

CC: I’d probably choose Jeffrey Packer (class of 2019)…but I’m praying he’s the man that will meet me at the end of the aisle. If that’s the case (fingers crossed), I’ll have to settle with my roommate, Sam Cohen (also class of 2019).

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