Profile: Caroline Uphus

Class Year: Sophomore

Major/Minor: English and Education

Hometown: Minneapolis, MN

Her Campus: How has your personal style evolved since the start of freshman year?

Caroline Uphus: I've become exponentially more comfortable with my body type and more okay with not looking so put together all the time. I'm all for using the bags under my eyes as an accessory! It's the hottest fall trend.

HC: What is your source for fashion inspiration?

CU: I saw a dog once that was wearing a scrunchy, like a hair scrunchy. Her ears were pulled back by this incredibly atrocious rainbow striped scrunchy and I was like "I need that, I want that, I will have that." So dogs. Dogs are where I look to for my fashion inspiration.

HC: If you could bring back one fashion trend of the past, what would it be?

CU: Corsets, but without the misogyny and respiratory problems that's attached to them. I don't know… I feel like I'd want to go out one night in a super cool corset and some thigh highs just to know how it feels.

HC: If you could erase one current fashion trend from everyone’s mind, what would it be?

CU: Ugh, sunglasses. Just look directly into the sun like God intended you to, amiright ladies?

HC: If you could receive a free wardrobe from any one designer, which designer would you chose?

CU: Tom Ford