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Profile: Brandon Bogle

Her Campus: How did you get involved in theater?

Brandon: I started acting in High School and found I couldn’t leave it behind. It’s always been something I love to do and hope to continue doing.


Her Campus: What is your part in the production and can you tell me a little about it?

Brandon: I’m playing Pontius Pilate, and I don’t want to give away too much but he’s pretty badass and unrepentant. Definitely not the Pilate you’d expect I’d say haha.


Her Campus: What is the most exciting part about this production? 

Brandon: Just getting in the room and working is exciting. It helps that it’s an all student production, including the directors. It’s  a lot of fun working with your peers on a huge project like this.

Her Campus: What is the biggest challenge you have with your role?

Brandon: I think the way he carries himself and how he deals with people is pretty much the exact opposite of how I’d go about it in my life so that makes it a bit complicated too. I’m also grappling with trying not to be too stereotypical when I’m playing him.

Her Campus: Why should people come watch The Last Days of Judas Iscariot? 

Brandon: It’s a comedy, there’s religion and a diverse cast. What more could you want?

A senior at Skidmore College, who loves beagles, batman, and sushi. You can find me dreaming about Anderson Cooper and doing crossword puzzles.
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