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Product Review: Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Matte Revolution

In our most recent HC Survival Kit, we received samples from Charlotte Tillbury’s Hot Lips Collection.

Disclaimer: Each individually-wrapped packet has one sheet of lipstick, which supposed to be pressed up against the lips in order to sample the product. I, being far from a make-up expert, assumed that this was a fun new application process that Charlotte Tillbury was rolling out. In fact, this is just the way that lipstick samples are distributed. Our application of the product, as you will see in the included pictures, is very sloppy. This article was written from the perspective of off-putting, yet hopefully endearing, ignorance. Please enjoy. Charlotte, you’re the realest; I should have never doubted you.


The product came in the following packaging:

The application process looked something like this:

We were given three different colors to sample: one nude, one rose, and one hot pink. Below, see the three shades:

As you can see, our commitment to using the application method provided resulted in an uneven, crooked result. This aside, the product itself was high quality, easily transferable, and luxurious in texture.

All in all, the Hot Lip’s Collection is high quality, light-weight, and flattering. The construction of the sample itself wasn’t a success. I would say it’s a needlessly complicated and unfortunately sloppy alternative to the sample-sized tube of lipstick. 

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

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