In Praise of Overalls

Looking for a new wardrobe staple that can transition for all seasons? That special item is a nice pair of denim overalls. Overalls can be spotted frequently around campus worn in various ways, which is what makes them over all fantastic! (sorry I had to.) This sweet jumpsuit is perfect for every season and can be paired with absolutely anything for any occasion.

For example:


Summer- Calvin Klein sports bra and Burkenstocks

Spring- white or black tee underneath with Converse

Fall- Tee underneath, flannel over top, and Chelsea boots

Winter- Turtleneck sweater underneath, and Doc boots

Spending the extra cash on these bad boys will be worth it. They’re cute and easy to throw on when you’re late to class or trying to perfect that quirky/cute look for going out. These are an outfit staple that will forever be there for you and will always hug your hips unlike any man ever could!