My Most Awkward Dating Experiences

I have had my fair share of awkward dates, but I have also had good dates. One guy I went out with we had dinner and a movie. Of course awkward dates can be better story than the good ones.

The first of my awkward dates was with a Navy guy I met on Tinder. We met downtown at Plum Dandy. We ate our ice cream and just walked around town and talked. That was pretty fun. Half way through the date, it was clear that he just had no interest in me. I was not really into him, I think I was just convincing myself that it was all in my head. He offered to drop me off at my dorm. I accepted, and I had planned on hooking up with this guy (my friend had given me a condom earlier that night). Even though the date was awkward, I thought, why not, I should invite him in. When we got back to the dorm, I invited him in, but he had told me he had to work early in the morning. Unsure of where to go at this point, I said to him, “Let me know when you have a free weekend!” I clearly knew he would never contact me again. He was a nice guy, he just had no interest. He responded with a half-hearted yes. To make things more awkward, on my part, I went into my suite mate’s room, and she asked me if he was in there. It’s definitely a fun story to tell, I will give it that much.

Another time, a guy called me to ask me out. For the record, I think that is really sweet, nobody calls anymore. He asks me if I want to have dinner and watch a movie that night. If you are not familiar with Saratoga, there is a downtown area with a movie theater and all sorts of restaurants, from fast food to high-end. He asks me to meet him in the middle of campus. When I get there, I assume we are going to take the shuttle downtown, but he wants to go to dinner in our dining hall. I figure that it’s a little strange, but it’s good to save money. While eating, he asks me what movie I want to watch. I ask him if he knows what is playing, and he asks me what movies I have. At that point, I realize he meant a movie in his room. Now, to be clear, there is nothing wrong with “Netflix and chill,” as long as both parties are on the same page. There is also nothing wrong with hooking up on the first date. In fact, it can be fun and exciting. I am just not in that place right now. The date ended with me fleeing, telling him I felt sick.

Maybe reading these stories will make you feel better about your own awkward dates. Or maybe you will get a good laugh from reading these stories. Either way, awkward dates are an important part of dating, and I always have fun stories to tell.