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May-Lin McEvoy: Community Service-Oriented Student Athlete

May-Lin McEvoy is a Skidmore sophomore who does her part for the community. She not only grows her hair till you she sit on it (impressive!) in order to donate it, but also influences her softball teammates to donate and help out as well! She finds it a great and easy way to give back and show support for those fighting cancer. Even YOU can make a difference!

Her Campus: How are you involved with supporting the fight of cancer?

May-Lin: I have been involved for a while now. I was part of this organization in high school called Hives for Lives where we bottled and sold our own honey and all profits go to cancer research; my really good friends founded that non-profit organization. Also my dad was diagnosed several years ago and someone close just passed away from cancer.

HC: How much did you donate?

ML: Recently I donated 15 inches.

HC: How often do you donate?

ML: I have donated four times total.

HC: Why did the softball team decide to get involved?

ML: Four members of the softball team just decided to donate because our hair was long enough and it is such a simple way to give back.

HC: How can others on campus get involved?

ML: The campus can get involved by parting with their long hair. As sad as it may seem, parting with your hair is such a nice change and you’re doing it for a great cause. I know Panteen takes at least eight inches and Locks of Love [takes] 10 inches. There are also various runs like Race for the Cure, which I also did in high school, [that you can also participate in].

HC: What else are you involved with?

ML: I love community service and try to fit it in my schedule of being a student athlete as much as possible. As a division three school, we support the Special Olympics. So in the fall there is an event called the Polar Plunge, and I have done that for the past two years and have raised money for it. Also the softball team recently worked with a program called Bridges, teaching physically and mentally handicapped adults some softball skills.

Do your part! Tell us how you give back to the community in the comments.

A senior at Skidmore College, who loves beagles, batman, and sushi. You can find me dreaming about Anderson Cooper and doing crossword puzzles.
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