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A Magical Reawakening: “Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them”

            I very distinctly remember July 15th, 2011. Wand in hand, fake scar etched confidently onto my forehead, I stood with a small group of friends in a long winding block long line as we eagerly waited until midnight. As the time ticked away, we spoke in hushed and frenzied whispers sharing our favorite spells with the flick of our wrists, wrapping our house scarves around our necks, our throats burning with questions of their validity. “I’m a Gryffindor” some of us confidently chanted, while other’s rallied in tight knit groups of green, blue, and yellow. Though we were separated by the Hogwarts houses we assumed for ourselves and the robes we wore, my fellow Potter-heads and I were united in the utter and inevitable sadness we would suffer through as the credits scene of our final “Harry Potter” movie drew the series to a close. I had come to terms with Potter’s end for a long time. I folded my scarlet scarf and tucked it away behind my books on a top shelf in my room. I had let most of my love for the magic go, knowing that there was nothing new to come.

But here we are, five or so years later, with a new story based in the Wizarding World for dorks like me, and hey probably you too, to leap into. Of course, I’m talking about the new five part film series Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. If you haven’t seen it yet, actually you must please do, because it was a beautiful sight to behold. Full of magical creatures, and humans, and heroes so gentle and good that it’s hard to believe. The Hufflepuff protagonist of this film, Newt, may not have been the most dynamic character, but absolutely is the soft-spoken feminine glory that we need to see more often in cinema. His soft-spoken nature and outward warmth were refreshing, like a breath of magical fresh air.

            What I’m trying to get to here is this: I had come to terms with the end of the Wizarding World, but could not be more thankful this final stretch of adventure. I cannot wait to catch another glimpse of that Thunderbird, to feel pride for my Ilvermorny house, or to toss on a pair of robes for one last midnight movie. I loved Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and am forever thankful for this final renaissance of magic. 



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