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Madeleine Welsch of WSPN



Madeleine Welsch ’17

Name: Madeleine Welsch

Year: Freshman

Major: Visual Art with Environmental Studies Minor

Hometown: Hardwick, MA


Tell us a little bit about your station.

Bollywood Tadka is a variety hour that I co-host with my friends Shivam Goyal and Lauren Brown. Our goal is to play a range [of] Bollywood music, ranging from traditional pieces to newer music infused with outside influences. We also spend some time talking about Indian culture, current happenings at Skidmore, and our thoughts about certain songs.

When can we catch you on the radio?

Last semester we were on every Tuesday [from] 5-6 p.m. We’re hoping to get another show this semester so stay tuned!

Why did you become involved with radio?

I’ve always loved music and I’d heard WSPN was awesome. When it came time to apply for the fall semester, a friend introduced me to Shivam because of our mutual obsession with Bollywood. So began Bollywood Tadka.

Why is your station different from others?

Like many of the shows on WSPN, we run a formatted show. This basically means that the music we play revolves around a central theme. Our theme (Bollywood) is pretty unusual; I usually get an eyebrow raise or two when I tell someone I love Hindi music. But seriously, give it a chance and you will definitely be groovin’. We also ended up with a pretty great time slot, so we get a lot of calls from the Saratoga community. One guy even phoned in and bought us a pizza!

Why do you think radio is important?

I think radio—especially college radio—has the amazing ability to introduce the audience to a range of music they wouldn’t normally choose to listen to. Before I came to Skidmore, I was pretty stuck into my own collection and rarely listened to the radio. Now you can find me constantly streaming WSPN from my phone/computer. I’ve discovered so much awesome music this year.

What would you like to do with your radio experience?

For the most part, just share music I think is fun and also learn about new bands and genres.

What advice would you give to students who are interested in becoming a part of the Skidmore radio show?

Do it. Our show is one of the best parts of my week. You’ll make great friends, listen to great tunes, and have a grand old time.


Check out the Skidmore Radio Station online here!

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